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REAL LOVE is not based on attachment

Când citeam cărticica (menționată în ultimul post al Inei) încercam să-mi închipui asupra cărei pagini a zăbovit mai mult cu gândul.

A rămas doar taina ei.

Fiecare dintre noi trăiește o taină la care nimeni nu va avea acces.


* * *

HAPPINESS CAN’T BE BOUGHT. Mental peace cannot be injected by any doctor; no market can sell mental peace or happiness.

AS YOU SOW, SO YOU REAP. Happiness comes from kindness. Happiness cannot come from hatred or anger.

LOVE IS THE CENTER OF HUMAN LIFE. Love and compassion … are the ultimate source of human happiness, and our need for them lies at very core of our being.

REAL LOVE. Real love is not based on attachment.

LOVE IS HARD. Compassion and love are precious things in life. They are not complicated. They are simple, but difficult to practise.

THE ROOT OF ALL PROBLEMS. Anger, attachment, jealousy, hatred… these are the real enemy.

NEGATIVITY IS NEVER THE SOLUTION. Anger, jealousy, impatience and hatred are the real troublemakers, with them problems cannot be solved. Though one may have temporary success, ultimately one’s hatred or anger will create further difficulties.

NO GOOD EVER CAME OF ANGER. Anger may seem to offer an energetic way of getting things done, but such a perception of the world is misguided. The only certainty about anger and hatred is that they are destructive.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES. Be guided by realism, moderation and patience.

TEACH BY EXAMPLE. Before teaching others, before changing others, we ourselves must change. We must be honest, sincere, kind-hearted.

TRUE FRIENDSHIP. The proper way to create friends is through a warm heart and not simple money or power. Friends of power and friends of money are something different. These are not friends.

CHILDHOOD DEPRIVATION. Children who had difficulties at an early age, growing under a lack of human love and affection, will find it difficult to show other humans love and compassion. And that’s a great tragedy, a great tragedy.

THE GOAL OF RELIGION. The purpose of religion is not to build beautiful churches or temples, but to cultivate positive human qualities, such as tolerance, generosity and love.

A GOOD HEART. Religion is not something outside, but in our heart. The essence of any religion is a good heart.



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